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September 7, 2015

Song Contest Submissions Expired

The final submissions deadline to ASG’s Annual Song Contest 2015 has expired. The judging process has commenced and winners will be announced in January at Symposium 2016.

The submissions for ASG’s Annual Song Contest 2015 was staged in two parts this year with unique submission categories and deadlines for each part. The submissions period for Part I of the Song Contest expired June 30th, while submissions period for Part II expired midnight, September 1. The judging process has commenced and winners will be announce in January at the Opening Night Ceremonies at Symposium 2016.

Like last year’s contest, the submissions categories were a blend of genre and song topics with the generalist categories of Singer-Songwriter and Bare Bones being open to any genre and any song topic. Each of the two parts to Song Contest 2015 featured at least eight categories.

There will be winners for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each contest category and the grand prize “Songwriter of the Year” award will be selected from among those who place 1st in each of the 12 categories. The winners for all categories will be announced at the Song Contest Awards Show as part of the opening night ceremonies for the 12th Annual ASG Songwriters Symposium 2016 in January.

For other details on the contest, including submissions guidelines, categories and prizes, please go here.

Thank you for participating in ASG’s 2015 Song Contest and best wishes to you on your songwriting and your submissions.

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Rick Busby

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