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May 12, 2015

Robert Cross Recording Workshop

This Saturday, May 16th, KUTX’s Robert Cross will facilitate a digital recording workshop for ASG member songwriters called “Songwriting Tools.” Read on for details and to register online.

If you are better at writing songs than you are at recording quality demos for your songs, then this Saturday’s recording workshop with KUTX’s Robert Cross is just what the Song Doctor ordered. Whether you are on PC or Apple platforms, Robert Cross’ new workshop “Songwriting Tools” will get you dialed in to the power and potential available to you on everything from smart phones to tablets to desktops.

Let’s face it! When you write a great song that you believe in, the costs associated with going into a studio, hiring players and recording a quality demo can be daunting, and even altogether a game stopper for many, if not most, songwriters/ Knowing the tools that are available to you, and overcoming the fear of the learning curve are invaluable to you. Would you rather spend $500-$1,000 to get a professional quality demo? Or, would you rather spend about $50 to begin educating yourself on how effectively you can record your own high quality demos using smart instruments and loops right in the comfort of your own home, or virtually anywhere for that matter?

KUT Radio's Robert Cross facilitates a Recording workshop at ASG on Saturday, May 16, 2015.Robert Josef Cross, of KUT, KUTX and the Cactus Café has been facilitating recording and music business workshops for ASG member for several years now. This Saturday, he is facilitating a six-hour recording workshop at ASG’s Mockingbird Cafe.

“Knowing the landscape is the first step in creating a map to navigate a path, “ says Cross. “Once you know where the challenges are, creative minds are adept at coming up with ways around them.  And although new technologies have created new challenges, they also have opened up a world of possibilities.”

Whether you are beginner or intermediate, whether you are Windows PC or Apple based, whether you have a smartphone, tablet, notebook or desktop, the “Songwriting Tools” workshop is for you. We will explore together how low learning curve technology can ignite your songwriting process. In this class we will look at cost effective tools such as Garageband, Hookpad, Songwriter Lite, Chord Suggester, Rhyme Genie & Tunesmith, Music creation has never been easier. Learn how to translate your ideas into tangible demos without breaking the bank. The six-hour workshop is only $45 to current ASG members. To register, visit the ASG Membership site’s Events page at:

You must be a member of ASG to attend this Workshop, please JOIN US for only $7.95/month also at the ASG Membership site.

Light lunch will be served for those attending. Bring your own drinks and snacks of your choice.

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